About Our Schools

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Welcome to Plainview Primary School. We are proud to announce that Plainview Primary has been chosen as a Model School from Great Expectations. We embrace the Great Expectations’ philosophy of teaching focusing on 17 instructional practices under the six philosophical tenets.
  • All Children Can Learn
  • Teacher Positive Attitude
  • Self Esteem
  • High Expectations for All
  • Developing a Climate of Mutual Respect
  • Teacher Knowledge and Skills
These practices and instructional strategies correlate with high student achievement in the classrooms. Life Principals and Character Education are heavily incorporated into the curriculum for the school body to internalize and put into practice. This is a comprehensive program aimed at combining learning methodologies and philosophies with high standards of curriculum focusing on the whole child. Great Expectations is Oklahoma’s premiere program for creating excellence for children in our school. The Primary Elementary will serve as a visitation site for other schools to visit and observe.

Our school houses grades PK through 2nd grade. We have approximately 380 students in the Primary Elementary. On average, we have 5 sections of each grade. Our student- teacher ratio is low. Our philosophy is to keep our numbers lower at the earlier grades in order to offer more individualization. Our students focus heavily on reading/language arts and mathematics. Our goal is to have all students on level in each of these areas. We also integrate science and social studies into our curriculum. Our students attend special classes taught by specialists in the art, music, physical education, and social skills areas. We have a full time counselor for the Primary Elementary. We have a state of the art computer lab that students attend and have access to work on research and skill development in. All classrooms have several computers and internet access in them. We also use the accelerated reader program that allows readers to practice their abilities by reading books and taking computer generated comprehension tests. Goals and awards take students to their highest reading abilities. Our library, Title 1 program, and classroom teachers work hand in hand to help our students grow in their reading skills.

We believe that each child should have the opportunity to experience success at his/her greatest level. We look forward to working with you hand in hand to prepare students for a successful educational career.